John Wood writes copy the way I believe it should be written. He writes strong sales copy, but without any hype. He drives action, without pushing or shoving the reader. His copy is seamless, without trickery — and it’s immensely effective. I know this to be true because he has written sales copy for me that has brought in tens of thousands of dollars in revenues.

— Nick Usborne, Web expert and author of “How to Write Your Very Own  Money-Making Websites”

“I have been working with John for about two years now. As I was building my company, Balanced Habits, I needed someone to capture my voice, allowing others to learn about what my company offered for our customers. John’s ability to learn all that he needed about me, my vision, my “why,” and overall goal was imperative in the success of our printed and on-line material, reports, ad copy, and development of the company branding. One of the aspects I enjoyed the most about working with John was his intense dedication to his craft of copywriting. His style and easy-going nature makes working with John a great experience. If you’re looking for someone who can write like you wish you could, John is your man! Time and time again he made me sound intelligent, sincere, and most importantly, believable!”

— Carolyn Fetters, Owner, Balanced Habits

John’s emails blow me away. They’re engaging, down to earth, fun to read and extremely effective when it comes to educating me while also enticing me to order a product. I recommend hiring John when you need emails, landing pages and other online marketing copy that works.

— Pam Foster, Senior Web-SEO Copywriter and Consultant ContentClear Marketing


John Wood is one of my ‘go-to’ copywriters. He delivers sales messages that are persuasive and connect with his prospects.

–Katie Yeakle, Executive Director, American Writers & Artists, Inc.

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John Wood is someone I call the “ideal freelancer” … He’s a solid writer, he never misses a deadline, he takes feedback and turns around revisions quickly, and he always has new ideas and insights to share with our readers.

–Rebecca Matter, Co-Managing Partner, American Writers & Artists, Inc. writing about my participating in The Writer’s Life e-newsletter.

John’s one of those unique copywriters whose words have a way of moving his reader from skepticism to sale to loyal customer, quickly, quietly and without fanfare. In a time where over-selling and over-hyping can cause readers to distrust and dismiss many direct response messages, John’s copy gets the job done credibly, without excess or compromise.

— Paul Hollingshead, Master Copywriter & AWAI Co-founder—————————————————————————————————————————————- 

Of all the writing mentors I have had over the years, John is top notch.  His critiques are full of useful insights. His style is no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point.  Unlike some of the so-called gurus that I have spent tons of money on, John does not spend his mentor time “selling” me on stuff. He focuses on the task at hand and gives feedback that I can implement right away.  As good as he is, he should have an ego the size of the planet like the other gurus, but he doesn’t. His humility makes him very easy to talk to, and I always know that his words are well thought out and sincere.  Thanks, John, for everything.  I am a better writer because of you.

— Aimee Kinlan, web copywriter

“John Wood is an incredible copywriter. What sets John apart from other copywriters I have worked with over the past three decades is his willingness to listen carefully, ask probing questions and invest time in fully understanding the mission of our company and our messaging objectives.”

— Berry Fowler, Founder, Sylvan Learning Systems